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      About Trueth

      Beijing Trueth Management Consulting Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "TRUETH or TRUETH Consulting") ,which is established in 2001,has become an influential and credible local management consulting institution in China that is trustworthy to customers. The company comprehensively provides a series of businesses such as state-owned think tanks, corporate governance, management consulting, innovation research, business training and enterprise intelligence services. It is an authoritative institution for integrated system consulting with Chinese characteristics such as corporate governance, strategy and group control, organization and human resources, enterprise system and internal control system, brand and enterprise culture, reorganization and management integration, and a decision-making consulting think tank with high reputation in the state-owned enterprises system. ‎

      TRUETH  takes "serving the people and enterprises" as its initial intention and "improving management wisdom and boosting national economy" as its mission. Relying on the consulting service ability accumulated in the past 20 years to serve the society, the well-known reputation in  the state-owned assets  supervision and administration circle, high-quality customer resources and unique management wisdom, the company adheres to the "combination of wisdom and practice", and adheres to "rooting practice, seeking trueth, unity and innovation", and is committed to becoming an integrator of management intelligence industry with Chinese characteristics. In 2011,TSRUC Enterprise Management Co., Ltd., as a joint-stock enterprise in the domestic  management consulting industry, was first established on the basis of TRUETH consulting,and In 2005, it became the regional agent service provider of strategic execution management software application (ESM) in China designed by Dr. Kaplan, Professor of Harvard Business School and founder of Balanced Scorecard (BSC) and strategic map. The company's business basically covers the whole country. ‎

      TRUETH has become an outstanding representative of China's management consulting industry, and has put forward such concepts as "focusing on state-owned capital management, establishing state-owned capital investment and operation companie, and promoting the board of directors'right to select and employ managers by difference"; It Provides long-term consulting services for the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council and local state owned assets supervision and administration commission at all levels on the reform of state-owned assets and state-owned enterprises; 42 of 96 central enterprises were consulted;And  It has provided consulting services for 24 of the 48 world top 500 (2020) central enterprises,and more than 100 consulting services over the past ten years, which helped the central enterprise Xinxing Jihua Groupto successfully enter the world's top 500 (2011) . ‎

      In 2002, TRUETH ranked first in the local industry in the China enterprise management Yearbook. In 2004, it was rated as "China's top 10 gold management consulting companies" by Netease business report, etc. In 2005, it was awarded the first "100 influential management consulting institutions in China" by the Management Consulting Committee of the China Enterprise Confederation. In 2006, it was awarded  "top 10 influential brands in China's management consulting industry" by the 3rd  China Top 10 influential brands selection Organization Committee,and  " excellent management expert Award" of 2nd international management institue (and the Organizing Committee of  China Management Award.

      In 2007, TRUETH Conslting  won the "excellent consulting institution representative" award and the "management consulting tnstituion trusted by customers" award of the Management consulting Committee of the China Enterprise Federation as the "local enterprise + government consulting practitioner". In 2009, it became the first annual person  (China Yearly Figure)award owner of China management consulting, In 2010, it was selected as the "best independent innovation enterprise in China" by the China Association of Productivity  Science. In 2011, it was awarded one of the  top10 industry brands with consumer satisfaction, and the top10  credibility brands in asia (industry) In 2012.  In 2013,it was titled with the "most influential management consulting organization award" in China, and  the Top100 Beijing Brand by the asian brand association in 2015.In 2016, it won the "Top10 most Influential Brand in the Chinese consult industry" and "top 50 Chinese management consulting institutions". In 2017, it won the "most influential brand in Asia (industry)".

      In 2020, Trueth won the "China (industry) logo brand" of the Boao summit of Chinese brands, and in 2021, it won the "Top500 Chinese Innovative Brand" of the Brand Power Forum. ‎ 

      TRUETH Consulting is the vice chairman unit of the Management  consulting Committee of the China Enterprise Confederation, the member unit of the national management consultant professional level examination proposition expert group, the special researcher unit of the high-level report of the "Reform Internal Reference"(central core magzine). At the same time, the company is the host unit of consulting and research projects such as the construction of the board of directors、 the research on the arrangement of leaders, and the re-engineering of the regulatory processes which is from the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Beijing, Sichuan and other provincial-level state owned assets supervision and administration commission ,etc.

      The company has a number of elite consutling teams with rich state-owned enterprise, private enterprise, government background and consulting practice; External think tanks mainly come from experts in the reform of the state-owned assets system、executives of central and local state-owned enterprises、 decision makers of listed companies, private entrepreneurs, and univesity professors. ‎ 

      The company serves thousands of excellent customers:

      1.government agencies ,such as  SASAC of the State Council, State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau (company), China Academy of Engineering Physics, China Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), CCTV advertising operation center, People's daily personnel bureau, Anhui Provincial Department of economy and information technology, Beijing Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, Beijing Municipal SASAC, Shanghai Municipal SASAC, Shandong provincial SASAC, Sichuan provincial SASAC State owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of Anhui Province, State owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of Xicheng District of Beijing, State owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of Jincheng city of Shanxi Province, State owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of Zhungeer County, etc;

      2.The world's top 500 enterprises such as  China Minmetals Group, China Baowu iron and Steel Group, State Grid Corporation, Anshan Iron and Steel Group, China Merchants Group, China Resources Group, China machinery industry group, China Electronics Technology Group, China aluminum industry group, China Aerospace Science and technology group, CRRC group, China Chemical holding company, China energy construction group, China Poly Group, Guangxi investment group, Jiangxi Copper Group, etc, CentralP enterprises such as China first heavy industry group, China Three Gorges group, Xinxing Jihua Group, China GuanSghe group, China energy conservation and environmental protection group, China Aviation Information Group, China Aviation Equipment Group, China salt industry group, China Sinosteel group, China Railway Materials Group, China Chemical Engineering Group, China Agricultural Development Group, China XD Group, China Coal Geology Bureau, China Metallurgical Geology Bureau, etc;

      3.Other state-owned enterprises, such as  Chinese Academy of Sciences holding company, China United Insurance Group, China Academy of Railway Sciences Group, capital airport group, China Civil Aviation Airport Construction Group, China Science and Technology Publishing and media group, machinery industry press, Tiananmen tourism group, Babaoshan Liyi company, Beijing Zhenyuan security center, Beijing holding group, Beijing metro operation company, Beijing foreign enterprise service group, Beijing Guchuan group, Beijing Tongniu group, Beijing Zhongke Scientific Instrument Co., Ltd., Beijing water conservancy planning and Design Institute, Guizhou Tobacco Monopoly Bureau (company), Hubei Tobacco Monopoly Bureau (company), Qinghai Tobacco Monopoly Bureau (company), Gansu Tobacco Monopoly Bureau (company), Anhui Investment group holding company, Yunnan Water Industry Investment Co., Ltd., Inner Mongolia Power Group, Shaanxi iron and Steel Group, Beijing Chongqing Hotel, etc;

      Private or mixed private enterprises, such as  Anhui Yingliu electromechanical Co., Ltd., Beijing Haixin Kejin Co., Ltd., Beijing Sanju environmental protection Co., Ltd., humanwell Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Beijing Barry Medical Equipment Co., Ltd., Tianjin Chunfa biotechnology group, Hunan Aiyi Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., Hefei Anxin Ruide Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Anhui longchengshan Camellia Technology Development Co., Ltd. .‎